April's Crate

Cake for One


This box features: 


 *Wedding Cake Crumble by Jenn McKinlay - For the Fairy Tale Cupcake Crew, wedding bells turn to death knells.  (description from

*Handmade scented cupcake candle from Sin City Soap and Candle at  - Artisan Soaps, Candles and Gift Baskets.

* Handmade vinyl cupcake wallet from Everything New Again WW at - Wallets, Pouches, Handbags, Gifts, Collectibles & More

* 1 sweet treat towel cupcake from Nspire Design  at - Fabulously planned...Remebered always.

* 1 polymer clay cupcake planner charm from Cold Porcelain by Patty at - Cold Porcelain Figurines, Cake Toppers, Ornaments & More. 

* 1 Custom made wrist band from Wrist-Band at

* Exclusive signed bookmarks and swivel measuring spoon set from Jenn McKinlay