Limited Edition Crate

Murder, She Wrote

Murder, I Sent


The artwork was done by David Edward Byrd. 

This piece was originally done for the cover of TV Guide in 1988.

What's in this crate?

This is a one time only, exclusive Murder, She Sent crate. 

The book will be the newest in the series of the Murder, She Wrote novels.

It will also contain 4 artisan items. You won't know exactly what it is but there will be 

1) Set of 4 pins

2) Plush doll

3) Mouse pad

4) An art print

An exclusive wrist band.

2 special items

1) DVD

2) Reprinted signed picture

Unfortunately, the author has passed away so there will be no author extra's.

This box is worth $86.68


This box will ship out in the last two weeks of October. I am accepting pre-orders now. (It will no longer be shipping out in May due to a back order on the books)