Subscriber Reviews


by  Cheryl 

It's like Christmas every month with this box. The books and items are wonderful. Oh the box that everything is shipped in is so cute.

by Jennifer 

Always a treat and so well thought out! The items are adorable and love the pick of books. I get so excited to see my cute box in the mail. Thanks for the happiness! 


by  Marsha

A winning box LOVED it. Everything is great. I always look forward to each shipment. They seem to get better each time. Thanks so much for making me smile with joy. Can't wait to read the book. I have already used the bag. So glad I subscribed. It's a great surprise every month.

by  Allena

I love my monthly box! It’s so awesome



 by  Cynthia 

Love the book and all the goodies wth it! I’m trying out several subscribers potion boxes and I’m pretty sure I’ll be continuing this one if all the boxes are his fun!


by Linda 

This is my favorite box I have ever received. The books are great and the goodies are useful, adorable and match the monthly themes so well. This month was a coffee themed mystery, which is really up my alley. It came with coffee, chocolate covered espresso beans and an espresso cup and saucer - so cute and well worth the cost! I highly recommend this box!

Crazy for Cozy Mysteries

by Robert

I have known about "Murder, She Sent" since 2017. I follow her on Instagram, and was able to get in on the "ground floor" since before she launched it. I AM impressed, month after month, with the outstanding amount of care that she takes to make every crate extra special. From the theme, to the artisan items, to the author "swag." Also, I have discovered other authors that I had never heard of before through her subscription box. I was especially touched when she included a Birthday card in my January, 2018 crate, knowing that my Birthday is January 8. I was honored, and to see what she is doing now with this subscription box service makes me quite proud. If you love Cozy Mysteries, or just plain "Crazy for Cozy Mysteries," you owe it to yourself to get this subscription box!

 by Anna 

I love it! It was packed so nicely and I enjoyed the things I got. The book was pristine, which is a big plus for me. I’ll definitely be purchasing this again! 

Cozy mystery lovers

by Cheryl 

This is the best box for cozy mysteries. The gifts are a perfect for each book. Unlike some boxes, all the gifts are practical yet so wonderful and unique. I love this box and I know you will too. The box itself is adorable.

Do You Love Cozy Mysteries?? GET THIS!

 by Deyna 

The box is so well put together I cannot begin to say enough. I have not been disappointed with the results. The included items are supporting artisans who are passionate about their work and deliver a high quality product. The box is always FULL and nothing is smashed together, bent or broken. If you love to read, get it. If you think supporting small business is important, get it. You will not be disappointed.

by  Natalia

Love getting books that ive wanted to get and cute things related to the books.



by Lisa 

I love the New books & authors I wouldn't find on my own. And I enjoy the treats in the box- it's like a little Christmas present surprise every month.


by Autumn 

As a cozy mystery fan, I love the Murder, She Sent subscription box. I've gotten three boxes now, and each one has been better than the last. Billie comes up with really creative themes, and finds fun things that go along with those themes. November's theme was "Growing the Book" and my favorite part was the miniature fairy garden. Plus, I learn about authors I might not have known about otherwise! I am really looking forward to further subscription boxes. This one is a must for mystery fans!

Perfect gift

by Kathleen

This month was perfect for me. My husband has watched the Fixer Upper mysteries on Hallmark and wants to read the book before I do! Loved the extras....thank you!


Another great crate.

by Marsha

I love my crate I just got for November. I had just finished the book I was reading so started this one right away and it's going to be great and an author I have read and enjoy her books. All the goodies with it were special too. A new great surprise every month. I love it!! Murdershe sent has again put together a great crate and made my day.


by Kathy

Everything about this box is great. It seems as though a lot of thought goes into it. Any questions I have are answered right away and it is very well run. The book and goodies are wonderful!

Butter beer fudge - amazing!!!!!!!!

by Tari

I got my October box today and I was so thrilled with everything! I could seriously eat all the fudge at once I think but I'm going to enjoy it a little at a time. Everything was packaged so nicely. The soap and lip balm smell awesome, can't wait to use the soap in the shower. My daughter is the lip balm user in the family and she thought that tasted good. The wash cloths look so luxurious, going to definitely be using those. And of course the book goes without saying, I can't wait to read that. Also can't wait to find out next month's title!


by Katie

I just got my first box in the month of October and was extremely pleased. All of the items were high quality and I am likely to use them/eat them (omg that fudge is delicious!). The book was a new release that I have not yet had the chance to read so I was very excited. I have only recently gotten into cozy mysteries and am VERY picky about my subscription boxes (I have tried a few and cancelled all but 1... until now) so I am thrilled that this one went beyond my expectations. I can't wait for next month's box, I'm in love.


by Heather

The September box was my first one and it was beyond my expectation. I just changed my subscription to the crate. The book was fantastic, was really excited because it was an author that I love so getting a signed bookmark was the icing on the cake ❤


by Marsha 

I was so excited when my box arrived. I opened it and was thrilled when I saw all the wonderful goodies. Some things I didn't even know existed. Some things were handmade so carefully. I am just thrilled. And the book couldn't be better. Thanks.